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    Dusk [ 2018 ]




    The mud road stretches as far as the last lamppost still standing, then it disappears into the darkness. It’s silent tonight. Silent. And cold. Very cold. What’s odd is, the wind is not blowing – if it did, the dried leaves of the trees would have rustled like crazy tonight. Nothing ever is green here, in this goddamn city of thorns and bushes – what remains of the green is covered with a thick film of brown dust – far away, you can see the city skyscrapers, enveloped in smog. Somewhere nearby, a pack of dogs have descended on a helpless bitch in heat, fucking her, fighting to fuck her. You can hear the barks, the growls, the howls – you had asked me once, ‘Is there anything sadder than a stray bitch?’ I had whispered, ‘The bitches are the saddest, but your eyes are as sad…’ You had clawed onto my body to never let me go, you had sobbed on my chest in the darkness that surrounded us – yes, your eyes are the saddest, that’s why I fell for you, those haunting eyes that cannot hide the sighs and the scars you bear, the crippling memories of blood and sweat and semen, the agony of broken promises, broken dreams, the loot, the plunder – and those silent cries late into the never-ending nights in bedrooms and bathrooms: the memories from your so many lives you try to hide with a cocktail of pills now. Still, no matter how much you try, how much you try, you can’t hide those memories: for your pair of sad eyes still can’t lie.


    Stylist: Ameet Sikka | Make Up Artist: Mitesh Rajani | Assistant Stylist: Anshul Pratap 

    Models Merilyn| Evangelina| Anurag | Smitha| Kupu| Ishani| Noor | Pooja| Sanjeeta| Malkeet |  Atrayi| Vineet| Sam| Madhumita| Zina and Zoya | Aasia | Lakshay.