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    They don’t know the terrors that go through your mind as you lie there in the pit waiting for a hint of light to tell you that the night is over.

    - Hubert Selby Jr., The Room (1971)







  2. 164 pages
    18 x 26 cm
    printed on Munken Pure and Garda Classica


    400 Copies / 100 Handmade

    Shortlisted for the Paris Photo - Aperture Foundation First Photobook Award

    Shortlisted for the Photo-Text Book Award at Les Rencontres d'Arles, France


    Edited by Valentina Abenavoli
    Handmade books made by Alex Bocchetto 
    Printed by Mas Matbaa, Istanbul

    Published by Akina Books | First Edition: July 2018

    BUY THE BOOK: http://akinabooks.com/product/angst-soham-gupta/ 


    First dummy of the book made at Photo.Circle Nepal during Akina's book-making workshop



  3. Handmade limited edition of 100

    Coptic binding in 12 signatures

    Screen-printed Black Cardboard Slipcase

    Each copy features a different Hahnemühle Baryta Gloss Fine Art print tipped-in on the cover

    BUY THE BOOK: http://akinabooks.com/product/angst-handmade/